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tv   KBS News  KTSF  August 24, 2010 6:30am-7:00am PST

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t do we have here... patty: you take medicare don't you...? doctor kessler: sure... cathy: ...and you probably have a lot of patients who are ready to go on medicare, yes? doctor kessler: yes... patty: you know you could tell them that if they're 65, they can go to and apply for medicare online. cathy: it takes less time than sitting in a doctor's office... it's, uh, it's less than 10 minutes. it's quite easy! ♪...when cousins are two of a kind.♪
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♪meet cathy who's lived most everywhere from zanzibar to barkley square... but patty's only seen the sights a girl can see from brooklyn heights...♪ poppo: cath, have you heard from patty and richard yet?
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cathy: yes, patty was going to stop and pick up a pie... and richard was going to file for medicare... ross: filing for medicare!?!? we won't eat until midnight - tomorrow! cathy: richard's filing for medicare online at! it takes less than 10 minutes. poppo: 10 minutes? but i had to go to the office and wait. cathy: online! ross: but what about the paperwork? cathy: online! ross: but richard's still working... cathy: online! hey! poppo: you made it! patty: no problemo, poppo! i've got the pie... richard: and i've got my medicare... cathy: and i've got the turkey! poppo: did you get that online too? ♪...when cousins are two of a kind.♪
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let's turnver this log. yeah! both: whoa! i like the brown wiggly ones. mmm. i like e green crunchy ones myself. whoa. go to


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